Monday, 6 January 2014

2014 Week 2 Prayer Points For January Fasting

John 1:16, Zech 4:7

Grace is a fullness into which the vessel of faith is to be dipped. Apostle Paul in Col. 2:9 vividly tells us that the fullness of the Godhead (trinity) dwells bodily in Jesus Christ. He is God's Chief Conservator of all spiritual blessings, bounties, and benefits of all grace, life, pardon, justification, and salvation that His people can experience in time and through eternity.

The fullness of Jesus Christ is the best way of describing Him in His divine richness, divine splendour, His All-powerfulness, All-sufficiency, All-powerfulness and everything that He is for all situations, all times and everywhere.  Eph. 1:23 says; ‘which is his body, the fullness of him who fills everything in every way’. This is an overflowing fullness, not a limited supply; rich, inexhaustible and abundant in supply to all who seek Him. It signifies abundance and perfection; having all it can contain; having no empty space; abundantly supplied or furnished; completeness.

Apostle Paul clearly understand the limitlessness of the fullness of God when he said we can be filled to the measure of all of God’s fullness (Eph.3:13) such that we can be sure to enter into another measure of His fullness just as soon as we are tempted to think we exhaust one. We are assured that grace upon grace is guaranteed once we receive through encounter with His fullness. This is why, in a year of ‘Grace for grace’, one most essential is the fullness of God which we must pray earnestly for in season and out of season.

Psalm 84:7 says; ‘they go from strength to strength (grace to grace), till each appears before God in Zion’. Until we are beneficiaries of the measure of His Fullness, there’s no assurance of grace to do and more grace to do more. The measure of the fullness of God in us is the licence we have to do, to overcome, to inherit, to access all things. The measure of His fullness in us is the authority that we have in Him. He works in us both to will and to do of His good pleasure.

Prayer Points

1.       Thank God for His grace that qualifies you for acceptance as a full member of His body. Rom. 9:25-29

2.       “Sacrifices and offering Thou wouldest not, but a body hast Thou prepared for Me.  Lo, I come (in the roll of the book it is written of Me) to do Thy will, O God.  And now we are sanctified through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ our Lord.”  Hebrews 10:5, 7. Ask the Holy Spirit for the sanctification of your body, soul and spirit by the blood of the lamb.

3.       Oh Lord, You were pleased to have all Your fullness dwell in Christ, let my life be pleasing for your dwelling from today. Col 1:19.

4.       Oh Lord, if your fullness can dwell bodily in Jesus, make me a carrier of your fullness from today.

5.       Holy Spirit, brood upon my heart to make it fit for the dwelling of God’s fullness 

6.       Holy Ghost fill me up to the measure of all the fullness of God in Jesus name Eph. 3:19.

7.       ‘Until we all reach unity in the faith and in the knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining to the whole measure of the fullness of Christ’ Ephesians 4:13. Father, every threat to personal and corporate unity of faith and opposition to my experiencing your fullness in my life, let your axe cut them to the root in Jesus name.

8.       ‘They have forsaken Me the Fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.’ Jeremiah 2:13 Oh Lord, settle me at your brook and keep me safe from dryness this year in Jesus name.

9.       ‘He is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.’ Eph.3:20. Holy Ghost, grant me ability according to the fullness of the Father in Jesus name.

10.   Oh Lord, by the power of the Holy Spirit, help me to cling always to the All-adequate fullness of Christ (in joy, in pain, in scarcity, in abundance, in sufferings, in comfort...).

11.   Oh Lord, you are the Alpha and the Omega, let your fullness inhabit my present and my future from today in Jesus name. Heb. 13:8

12.   Oh Lord, I receive of your fullness the grace to do all things from now onwards in Jesus name. John 1:16, Phil. 4:19

13.   Holy Ghost, soak me body, soul and spirit in the fullness of Christ to do greater works. John 14:12

14.   I refuse and reject any environment, association or partnership that will deprive me His fullness in Jesus mighty name. Psalm 1:1-3

15.   Oh Lord, let your fullness fill my home, ministry, business, career, your church and all about me in Jesus name. Ezek. 34:25-31

2014 Week 1 Prayer Points For January Fasting

John 1:16, Zech 4:7

WEEK ONE (JANUARY 1- 8, 2014)


Brethren, as we begin another season of waiting on the Lord, it is necessary for us to once again remind ourselves of the kind of fasting that is approved by God.

Please study Zech 7: 1-10 and Isa 58: 1-7 meticulously and comply with all the instructions therein. This will ensure we will reap the full benefits of fasting and the results will be obvious to all to the Glory of God. The Lord shall hear our prayers and exceed our every expectation. In Jesus Name. Amen.


Text: Psalm 100:1-end, Psalm 51: 1-end, Ephesians 5:14-16

We begin the first days of our Corporate Fast for 2014 with the 3-fold cord of Thanksgiving, Spiritual Cleansing and Re-awakening. Thus is to ensure we access the presence of the Almighty God with the right Password and are not hindered by anything (iniquities, impurities, or lukewarmness/deadness).


Foundational Thanksgiving Prayers

        i.            Spend adequate time giving Quality Praise and Worship to the Lord. Ps 92: 1-2

      ii.            Father, Give me a heart of praise, fill my heart with the spirit of Joy and thanksgiving. Banish every anti-praise/thanksgiving spirit from me now in Jesus name. Phil 4:4

    iii.            Father, help me to praise you beyond my circumstance and situations. Hab 3:17,18


Thank God for your Life and Family

        i.            Thank God for 2013: Our year of all Round Beauty and Establishment Psalm 90:17, Isa 61:3.

      ii.            Thank God for his faithfulness of the past years in all areas of your life Psalm 103:1-22.

    iii.            Thank God for all the Benefits HE loaded you with in 2013. Ps. 68:19.

     iv.            Thank God that you are in 2014, still alive to praise HIS Holy name Ps.145: 1-21

       v.            Thank God for the Salvation of your soul, those of your family and loved ones. Ps. 95:1, Ps. 118:21.

     vi.            Thank God for delivering you and yours from every attack and snare of the Devil, enemies and wicked ones Ps.124: 1-8, Ps 91:5-13

   vii.            Thank God for HIS Divine Provision for you and yours. Ps 23: 1-2, 5, Eph 3:20, I Thess 5:18

 viii.            Thank God for HIS Divine Direction and Instruction to you. Ps 16:7

     ix.            Thank God for HIS Deliverance and Help. Ps 18:1-end, Ps 54:7, Ps 22:24, Isa 49:23-26, Isa 44:23

       x.            Thank God for HIS Goodness, Mercy and Loving Kindness. Ps 117:1-end, Ps 31:21, Ps 57:9, 10.

     xi.            Thank God for all the Answered Prayers in 2013. Ps 28:6, Ps 66:20




Thank God for The Truth House Church

        i.            Thank God for building The Truth House Church and causing her to prevail against the gates of hell Matthew 16:18.

      ii.            Thank God for adding unto the Church, indeed we have increased numerically and spiritually. Acts 2:40-41, 47

    iii.            Thank God for all the blessings, miracles, healings, signs and wonders HE performed in the Church and in our lives in 2013. Isa 54:1-3

     iv.            Thank the Lord for the Leadership of the Church and the new Structure which has brought the order needed for increased multiplication. Ex 18:13-26, Acts 6:3,4


Thank God for Nigeria
        i.            Thank God for the relative peace in Nigeria. Ps 122:6

      ii.            Thank God that in spite of all the Devil’s devices, only God’s counsel for Nigeria will stand. Ps 19:21


        i.            Father, have Mercy upon me and forgive me of all my transgressions (list the ones you know). I Jn 1:8,9, 2 Corin 7:10, Pr 28:13, Ps 51: 1-5, Ps 25:6,7,

      ii.            Cleanse me O Lord from all my iniquity, wash me with the Blood of Jesus and make me Clean and presentable in your sight. Ps 139:23,24, Ps 51: 7-10

    iii.            Father, deliver me from every vain thought. Jer 4:14, Phil 4:8

     iv.            Create in me a clean Heart O Lord and renew a right spirit within me. Ps 51:10-12, Mt 23:26, Eze 36:25-27


        i.            Father, have mercy on me and forgive me for every form of spiritual slumber and backsliding. Rev 3:14-19

      ii.            Father, Awaken me from every spiritual Slumber NOW! in the Name of Jesus. Rom 13:11, Eph 5:14-16

    iii.            Father, help to truly Love you. Mt 22:36-38, Rev 2: 1-5

     iv.            Father, create an unquenchable hunger in me for Righteousness. Mt 5:6

       v.            Father, revive the Truth House Church and begin this work of revival in me. Ps 85:1-6, Hab 3:2

     vi.            Father, cause the spirits of brokenness and humility to permeate the Truth house Church James 4:5-10, Ps 51:17

   vii.            Father, pour out your Spirit upon us afresh in the Truth House Church. Isa 44:1-4, Joel 2:23-32

 viii.            Father, let your manifest Presence be with us throughout 2014: everywhere we go and in all that we do. Ex 33:15, I Kings 8:10,11, Isa 59:19

     ix.            Father, let the Truth House Church truly be a place of ‘The Truth’ and Sound doctrine Heb 4:12, Acts 20:27, I Corin 2:4

       x.            Father give us the grace to be doers of the Word always and not just hearers. Jam 1:22-24.

        i.            As a result of your Mercy O Lord Grant speedy answers to all my prayers. Isa 58:9.

      ii.            Thank the Lord for answered prayers. I Jn 5:14,15.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Summer Special 2013-Opening Day

Once again, our annual "free summer coaching classes" for secondary school students have commenced today. This is the 3rd edition of the program and attendance is estimated to exceed a thousand students this year.
Over 30 volunteers including Foundation Members, Youth Corps Members, Teachers and Alumni of the Foundation were on ground to make the opening day a huge success.
This year, the 4 weeks intensive coaching classes will include classes, talks/ seminars, varieties and sports.

Thursday, 25 July 2013







Text: Psalm 90:1-17, Isa 58:8, Isa 61:1-3

To Establish something/someone has a variety of interpretations which include to set up/found, bring about/generate, lay the ground work for, make firm/secure, cause to be recognized and accepted, institute (as a law) permanently by enactment or agreement, put into a favorable position, introduce and cause to grow/multiply, prove the validity/truth of something or someone.

All these interpretations are relevant to this week’s prayer focus and our understanding and applications of them are keys to ensuring that we enjoy the full benefits of Divine Establishment.


1.      Thank God for our year of all Round Beauty and Establishment and our month of Supernatural Replacement. Psalm 90:17, Isa 61:3.

2.      Thank God for his faithfulness of the past years in all areas of your life: Spiritual, Health, Finances (Career & Business), Marriage, Family, Mental and Ministry. Psalm 103:1-22.

3.      Thank God for your deliverance from seen and unseen dangers and from known and unknown afflictions Psalm 91:5-9.

4.      Thank God for building The Truth House Church and causing her to prevail against the gates of hell Matthew 16:18.

5.      Thank God for HIS Mercies over your life, the Truth House Church and Nigeria. Rom 9:15,16.


1.       Ask God to nullify every counsel, plan and device of the enemy against your life. Mention the specific areas, devices that you know of and pronounce them nullified in Jesus Name. Jer 1:10, Jn 10:10, Isa 54:17

2.       Declare that every battle for your soul shall be won in favour of the Angels of the Almighty God. Ps 118:17, Ps 91:16.

3.       Condemn every tongue that has risen or is rising against you to shame and disgrace. If there are specific individuals speaking against you, present their case(s) to God. Isa 54:17.

4.       Ask God for a clear understanding of HIS Counsel (Perfect Will) for every area of your life as well as the knowledge, understanding and wisdom you need to play your part in the establishment of HIS Counsel (Perfect Will) for your life. Proverbs 19:21, Habakkuk 2:2, I Corin 9:26, Jer 29:11.

5.       Ask the Lord to establish you in HIM so that your bear Spiritual fruit that endure are acceptable unto HIM. Jn 15:1-5, 1 Corin 3:12-15, Rom 12:1,2.

6.       Ask the Lord to uproot you from every form of lack/poverty and establish you in Abundance of Good Things. State specific areas where you are experiencing lack and declare replacement with the abundance of the Almighty. Ps 34:10, Ps 50:10, Jer 17:7,8.

7.       Ask God to uproot every division in your home and cause HIS Peace, Unity and Progress to be established in your marriage and family. Amos 3:3, Mt 18:18,19.

8.       Ask God to establish you in your career/industry and cause you to be recognized (a positive reference point) to the Glory of HIS Name. Ex 31:1-6.

9.       Ask the Lord to establish you in Divine Health. Jn 3:2, Ps 91:9,10.

10.   Ask the Lord to establish you in Divine Help and Protection. Ps 121, Ps 91

11.   Ask the Lord to establish the plans/goals you had for 2013 even we are in the second half of the year. Focus on the goals that seem impossible even though you know they are in line with HIS Will and Word and declare their establishment. Ps 37:5, Job 22:28.

12.   Ask The Lord to establish every covenant, promise, plan, blessing that HE has for you in 2013. Focus on the ones you have confirmation for. Gen 17:7, Jer 29:11, Ps 68:19.

13.   O Lord, let the wickedness of the wicked come to an end in every areas of my life (marriage, career, health, finances, church, ministry etc) and establish me. Psalm 7:9

14.   O God of establishment/that establish, put a dread of me upon my adversaries and make every illegal occupants of my place of establishment to faint. (Joshua 2:8-11, 24)

15.   I have set the Lord always before me, the Lord is at my right hand, I shall not be moved. Psalm 16:8

1.       Ask The Lord to truly establish the pillars of Unity and Favour in The Truth House Church. Come against every plan, device of the enemy to cause disunity in the Church. Ps 133:1-3, Zech 11:7, Jn 10:10.

2.       Ask The Lord to establish The Truth House Church on the foundation of The Truth in Jesus Christ. Mt 22:29, Jn 8:32, I Corin 3:11, Psalm 111:8

3.       Ask The Lord to establish the Spirit of the Lord within the Truth House Church. Isa 11:1-3.

4.       Ask The Lord to establish the Truth House Church in Abundance by initiating an immediate transfer of wealth and power from the treasures of darkness into the bank accounts and control of the true prophets and people of God to advance the purposes of God; spread the Gospel; win souls for Jesus and establish His Kingdom on Earth. (Isaiah 45:3).

5.       Ask The Lord to establish all our services and programs that they will become sources of blessing to all (local and international) and become a positive reference point. Isa 2:1-3.

6.       O Lord, by your power establish the mountain of TTHC and robed the entire congregation with your strength, that no storm can shift/shake us out place. Psalm 65:6, Psalm 104:5

7.       O watchmen (Angels) set upon the walls of TTHC, do not hold your peace in the day or in the night, until TTHC is established and become a praise in this generation. Isaiah 62:6-7

1.       Command that every false prophet and those who subvert the purposes of God for the church be uncovered and thrown down. Isaiah 47, Mt 7:15.

2.       Pray against every attack on Nigeria and Nigerians. Psa. 35:20

3.       Speak destructions unto every evil altar raised and serviced constantly anywhere in Nigeria to perpetuate human rituals and worship of demons in order to get to any political position in Nigeria. I Kg. 13:1-5

4.       Ask God to uproot everyone involved in these human rituals that are manifesting in form of suicide bombing, targeted bombings and killings with guns. Matt. 15:13

5.       Ask Our God to arise in Nigeria and let all His enemies be scattered. Ps. 68:1-2.

1.       As a result of your Mercy O Lord Grant speedy answers to all my prayers. Isa 58:9.

2.       Thank The Lord for answered prayers. I Jn 5:14,15.